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Photo: Jade Williamson @espey_photography

Getting Published Masterclass

Aiimi Hackzone, 5th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard,
Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Tuesday 26 September, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Tickets: £12 (places limited)
Entry includes tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks

A masterclass and networking event for aspiring writers

Are you already writing, perhaps being published in journals or anthologies, but want to get your first book published? Or are you self-published, and want to know more about honing and promoting your books, or perhaps moving into traditional publishing? This evening event will help demystify the processes and the options, so you can decide on the best route for you.


You will hear from an expert panel that represents the different aspects of getting published. And there’ll be time for you to meet and network with other local writers who may be able to support you.


The panel will be sharing their wisdom about:

  • the different paths to publication, and the costs, risks, time commitments and income generation opportunities

  • the route you need to navigate for traditional publication – including the role of literary agents and how they can open doors, what happens after a book deal is signed, and how authors, agents and publishers work with promoters, booksellers and festivals

  • the importance of marketing and, particularly, social media in promoting your book, and the key things to consider.


Thank you to Aiimi Ltd for their support towards this event.

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