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Community Programme 

The MK Lit Fest Community Programme exists to empower and inspire young people in Milton Keynes through writing and the verbal arts. Recognising the significance of young people to the future of the city, the programme aims to cultivate their creative talents and provide them with skills and opportunities to flourish.


At the core of the programme lies the belief that literature and the arts play a vital role in shaping a city's identity and enriching its cultural fabric. By involving young people in Lit Fest, the programme strives to ignite their passion for reading, writing, and storytelling, empowering them to express themselves confidently. By engaging actively in the city's cultural life, they also gain a sense of belonging and ownership, and opportunities to contribute to the creative essence that defines Milton Keynes.


By showcasing their creative work, the programme creates a supportive and collaborative environment where emerging talents can thrive. This exposure not only encourages young writers, poets, and artists to pursue their passions but also fosters a network of like-minded individuals who can inspire, support and collaborate with one another, paving the way for a vibrant and connected community and providing a beacon of inspiration and potential for a brighter future.

Designed expressly to be accessible for all, regardless of their backgrounds, the programme offers free workshops and events that not only stimulate the imagination but also nurture the qualities of critical thinking and empathy that are essential in cultivating a compassionate and progressive society. This emphasis on accessibility and outreach also ensures that the literary arts benefit all members of the community and enrich the city's cultural landscape.

The MK Lit Fest Community Programme offers a vital contribution towards shaping the future of Milton Keynes. By empowering young people through creativity and community engagement, it invests in a city where the next generation can flourish and leave a lasting cultural and social impact.

MK Lit Fest Community Programme

This work has been supported by funding from
MK Community Foundation and Milton Keynes City Council.

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