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In-person Events


Heritage Open Days at Great Linford Manor Park

Saturday 16 September 2023, Marsh Drive, Great Linford; 11am - 5pm; Free

MK Lit Fest will taking part in The Parks Trust's celebrations at Great Linford, where you'll find us - and a treasure trove of local poets, YA fiction writers, storytellers, childrens' story readers, and much more - in the Talks Tent.

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Getting Published Masterclass and Networking Event

Thursday 26 September 2023, Aiimi Hackzone, 100 Avebury Boulevard, CMK, MK9 1FH; 6.30pm; £12 (places limited)

Already writing, but want to get your first book published? Self-published, and want to know more about honing and promoting your books, or perhaps moving into traditional publishing? This evening event will help demystify the processes and the options, so you can decide on the best route for you.


Playing with the Past - Alex Hay and Freya Berry 

Friday 1October 2023, Waterstones, 72 Midsummer Boulevard, CMK, 6.30pm - 7.30pm; £8

​Alex Hay and Freya Berry’s dazzling new novels revel in dark secrets, audacious characters and vivid, atmospheric settings. From a daring Park Lane heist to a dangerous treasure hunt in a ruined Scottish castle, discover their worlds of historical fiction, and what drew their imaginations into the past.

Autumn Festival 2023             

MinK2024 Writing Competition Launch Event

Tales from the City with Roy Nevitt - MinK2024 Creative Writing Competition Launch

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, 10am - 10.30am; £Free

In the past few decades, Milton Keynes has evolved into a bold new city with its own cultural identity. Roy Nevitt has been, for many, the city’s cultural godfather, and this year he’s joining MK Lit Fest to speak about the city’s extraordinary evolution – and to launch our new creative writing competition, MinK2024: Tales from the City.


42: The Wildly Improbable Ideas of Douglas Adams - Kevin Jon Davies

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, 11am - 12noon; £8

When Douglas Adams died in 2001, he left 60 boxes of notebooks, letters, scripts, jokes, speeches and even poems. In 42, hundreds of these appear in print for the first time, compiled by Douglas’s long-time collaborator Kevin Jon Davies, bringing us a captivating insight into the mind of one of the 20th century’s most enduring storytellers.

Vocal Masterclass with Rosemary Hill

Delivering Your Words - Performance Workshop for Writers with Rosemary Hill

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, Community Learning MK Classroom, 11am - 1pm; £20

If approaching the blank page brings a shiver of apprehension, what about facing an expectant audience that’s waiting to hear your words? But performing your work doesn’t need to be daunting: in this workshop Rosemary Hill brings strategies to help you go beyond ‘reading aloud’ and to confidently deliver your poem or story.

Zine Creator Workshop

Zine Creator Workshop (Lit Fest Community Programme) (Ages 14-18)

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, Community Learning MK Classroom, 11.30am - 1.30pm; £Free

Everyone can make a zine, and in this workshop you’ll do just that. We will cover a short history of zines, making techniques, and writing or drawing exercises to combat fear of the blank page, and you’ll go away with your own zine, and contribute to a collaborative zine of which you’ll get copies.

Paula Harrison - Kitty and the Snowball Bandit

Paula Harrison - Kitty and the Snowball Bandit (Ages 5+)

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library Children's Library, 12.30pm - 1.30pm; £5 (plus £3 per accompanying adult)

Join bestselling children's author, Paula Harrison, as she talks about the inspiration behind the Kitty series featuring a girl with cat-like superpowers. Paula will read a chapter from her newest book, Kitty and the Snowball Bandit, and you'll have the chance to ask lots of questions and to make and decorate your own superhero mask!

Carrie Dunn - The Rise of the Lionesses

Carrie Dunn - The Rise of the Lionesses

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, 12.30pm - 1.30pm, £8

As World Cup finalists and Euro 22 Champions, England’s Lionesses are at the top of their game. But in 1921 the FA banned women’s football, pronouncing it ‘quite unsuitable for females’. Leading sports writer Carrie Dunn brings her unique insight to shine a light on the evolution of the game, and the challenges that still persist…

Alex Willmore -Spyceratops

Alex Willmore - Spyceratops (Ages 3+)

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library Children's Library, 2pm - 3pm; £5 (plus £3 per accompanying adult)

Meet the little dinosaur who is the Greatest Secret Agent in the World! Spyceratops has all the skills: sneaking, peeking, blending in, daredevil manoeuvres.  She has all the kit: groovy gadgets, loyal sidekick, awesome spymobile. And now, at MK Lit Fest, luckily the perfect opportunity has arisen for Spyceratops to share her spy skills with YOU!


Gommie - A Journey into Hope

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, 2pm - 3pm; £8

Poet-artist Gommie began walking England’s coastline in 2019 with just a backpack, a tent and a large collection of pens. His aim? Searching for hope in increasingly hard times. Through poetry and art, conversation and questions, he brings us his findings – and explores what his journey has brought to light.

Charlie Hill - Writing Satire Workshop

Writing Satire Workshop - Charlie Hill

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, Community Learning MK Classroom, 2pm - 4pm; £20

In this workshop event with writer Charlie Hill, you'll explore different classical approaches to satire, look at the relationship between satire and morality, and ponder the role of satire in world where reality and parody seem increasingly to wear each other's wardrobes.

Lizzie Waterworth - How to Talk So People Will Listen

Lizzie Waterworth - How to Talk So People Will Listen (Ages 8+)
Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library Children's Library, 3.30pm - 4.30pm; £5 (plus £3 per accompanying adult)

Everyone has to speak in public sometimes, and it can be a bit scary! But it doesn’t have to be. Voice artist Lizzie Waterworth – the voice of Horrid Henry – is bringing all the tips and tricks you might need to MK Lit Fest. Discover how to find your voice and boost your confidence, while creating your own cartoon character!

Paul David Gould

New Voices - Paul David Gould

Saturday 14 October 2023, CMK Library, 3.30pm - 4.30pm, £8

Showcasing startling new writers as they emerge is part of MK Lit Fest’s mission, so we’re delighted to welcome Paul David Gould with his debut novel. A Moscow-set literary thriller, Last Dance at the Discotheque for Deviants is a gripping mystery - and the poignantly human tale of people beset by forces beyond their control.

Dr Tony Juniper CBE

Dr Tony Juniper CBE - The Science of our Changing Planet

Saturday 14 October 2023, Waterstones, 72 Midsummer Boulevard, CMK, 6.30pm - 7.30pm; £8

Join celebrated environmentalist and sustainability advisor Dr Tony Juniper as he explores just how we’ve changed our planet, and what we can do – now – to soften our impact. Understand the science that explains what pressure Earth is under, and how to take action…

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