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Community Programme 
Summer Creators 2023

In the summer 2023 school holidays, Milton Keynes Literary Festival is running a programme of free weekly workshops based in central MK for young people aged 14-18yrs.

The workshops are designed to:

  • give an insight into careers involving writing and publishing

  • help develop creativity and writing skills

  • prepare for future volunteering opportunities at the festival to develop confidence and transferable skills to build up CVs.

MK Lit Fest is dedicated to fostering a love for literature, writing, and all things word-related, and to empowering people to explore the realms of publishing, writing, screenwriting, poetry - and the vibrant local literary scene in Milton Keynes.

Our ambition is to create a space where young people can come, be inspired, collaborate with each other and create a real community of local young writers. Each week, a local writer will lead a talk  about how to get into literary careers in different fields. We’ll be exploring publishing, fiction, short stories, political writing, memoir, screenwriting, and poetry.

If you have any further questions or want further information, please email [Please include your child’s name, age, school and confirm that you are a MK resident.]

This work has been supported by funding from
MK Community Foundation and Milton Keynes City Council.

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Volunteer at MK Lit Fest Autumn Festival
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