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Natalie Bennett
Natalie Bennett - Change Everything
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Adrian Spurrell

Change Everything

with Natalie Bennett
in conversation with Adrian Spurrell

Friday 5 April, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Waterstones, Unit 72 Midsummer Place,
Central Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes MK9 3GA

Tickets: £10/£7

Natalie Bennett was leader of the Green Party of England and Wales 2012-2016, and entered the House of Lords in 2019.


With her book, Change Everything, Natalie is on a mission to transform the way we think about our world. She explains how universal basic income will decommodify time and free people up to choose how best to use their energy and talents; she emphasises the importance of free education for everyone, for life; she encourages the pooling of assets, from sharing tools with your neighbour to fairly enjoying the planet’s natural resources.


From organising a litter pick or petitioning for a pedestrian crossing, from rethinking the financial markets and tax havens to re-evaluating the criminal justice system, Natalie has formulated a holistic, hopeful and practical vision for the future where people can really ‘do politics’.

About Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett, or Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle for really formal occasions, is one of two Green Party members of the House of Lords. She was the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2012-16, when she led the party to its best-ever election result, with more votes than in every previous general election added together.


She spent twenty years as a journalist, from newspapers in the Australian countryside, through the Bankok Post to The Times, finishing as editor of the Guardian Weekly.

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About Adrian Spurrell
Adrian Spurrell is an experienced leadership and organisation development consultant.  Having spent many years with a leading niche change leadership and management boutique, he set up his own business in 2012, working with public sector bodies and global businesses as well as small local charities and housing associations. As a consultant, he has helped organisations of all kinds and sizes to address challenges of organisational, behavioural and cultural change, and advised and delivered on issues from personal development to leadership effectiveness and from employee engagement to organisational design and business transformation.


In parallel with his business career, Adrian became increasingly involved with The Green Party, standing in national and local elections, and twice for the mayor of Bedford. Active in his local party and the regional organisations, he was elected to sit on the Regional Council and subsequently led the drafting and acceptance by conference of the party’s long term political strategy. 


Having now turned his back on the commercial business world, he is working for the NHS in a diverse London community, and chairs two local charities in Bedford.

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