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Jane Fraser

Writing Place:
From psychogeography to fiction

Wednesday 8 Feb, 7pm

Online: £Free (Donations welcome)

''A writer who understands their setting so well – as Fraser does of Gower
– each story is acute in its texture.’
Emily Harrison, Storgy


‘Jane Fraser maps out the edge of north Gower in this supremely confident debut collection with its “farmhouses limewashed in the vernacular style,” its persistent grey rains and the dominant southwesterly winds which bonsai the hedgerow trees and equally shape the stubborn characters who work the land hereabouts.’
Jon Gower, Nation Cymru


This ninety-minute masterclass aims to equip participants with both a methodology and a tool kit of effective strategies to help them in writing place in fiction.


With close reference to selected short stories from both of her collections, The South Westerlies (Salt, 2019) and Connective Tissue (Salt, 2022), and extracts from her novel Advent (Honno, 2021), Jane Fraser will share the process of how she creates story. Firstly, by walking her way into writing through psychogeography

-  exploring the influence of geographical environments or specific locations on the mind or on behaviour -  and then by turning her fieldwork and observations into narrative fiction.


The session will focus on how we can learn to know a place in its widest sense: rather than just being a geographical setting or cosmetic backdrop, examining how it can affect the psychologies of the people who inhabit it. Character, plot and the importance of time in writing fiction will also be discussed.

This will be a taught session, and we will allow time for questions and answers at the end. Jane will also be happy to receive, read and critique any embryonic stories that result from the class.


Biographical Note

Jane Fraser lives, works and writes fiction in a house facing the sea in the village of Llangennith, in the Gower peninsula, south Wales. Place is central to her work and psychogeography an important methodology and way in to writing fiction. She has an MA (2013, distinction) and PhD (2017) in Creative Writing from Swansea University.


In 2017 she was a finalist for the Manchester Fiction Prize, and in 2018 was a prize-winner for the Fish Memoir Prize and selected as a Hay Festival Writer at Work. 

In 2022, she was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 for the first time to write ‘Soft Boiled Eggs’, a short story broadcast as part of the Short Works series.


In 2022, she was awarded The Society of Authors’  Paul Torday Memorial Prize for her debut novel, Advent (Honno, 2021), and guest edited the short fiction for the prestigious literary magazine, The Lonely Crowd. Jane is also the author of two collections of short fiction, both published by UK independent publisher Salt: The South Westerlies (2019), and Connective Tissue (2022).

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