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Memoir Club - Launch Event
with the Open University and

Cowper and Newton Museum

Events Space, MK Gallery

Sunday 22 September, 10 - 11.30am: £15

Have you or a relative ever wanted to write a memoir but not felt confident enough to set about it? Make a start at this writing workshop, led by Professor Nicola J. Watson of the Open University, a specialist in life-writing, and Dr Fiona Doloughan, a specialist in autobiography/memoir and creative writing.


Join others with the same ambition to explore what a memoir is, who it might be for, what it might contain, how it might begin, and how it might be structured. You’ll hear inspirational stories of how others, including Milton Keynes’ very own local Romantic poet William Cowper and the members of the first Memoir Club, decided to write about their lives past and present and found the experience life-changing.


We’ll engage in a series of practical reading and writing activities, and you will go home with your title, your opening paragraph and a helpful hand-out to support you in your new project.

Follow-up sessions will be held throughout October and November at the Cowper and Newton Museum, Olney.  

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