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Write About Walking A/way:
creative writing workshop 
with walk•listen•create

Sunday 16 April, Zoom, 4pm
Tickets: £Free
(NB: tickets managed by walk

Cheryl Markosky and Tony Horitz, winners of walk•listen•create's 2022 Write About Walking competition and their 2022/3 writers-in-residence, invite you to a free online creative writing workshop to inspire you to submit written pieces in the Write About Walking A/way competition. The competition will be launched at the workshop.

Cheryl and Tony were tasked with coming up with the theme for the competition and chose Walking A/way: Walking Away or Walking A Way – they will also make this theme central to this hour long creative writing workshop.


You can choose how you wish to interpret the theme in poetry or short prose. Your work can be fiction, creative non-fiction or memoir. You may interpret walking a/way however you wish, such as escaping from … or being drawn towards …. Or even walking in a certain way – confident or subdued…. Or walking a particular route. 

About walk•listen•create

The website walk•listen•create is the home of walking artists as well as Sound Walk September. walk · listen · create operates on a plain that is bounded by sound, or audio, place, or location, and technology. Technology is not just mobile phones or computers, it’s also pen & paper, rocks, and anything that can be used as a tool.


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About Cheryl Markosky

Cheryl Markosky wanted to be a lighthouse keeper, but it was tricky in the Rockies. So, she became a TV producer and journalist. Canadian-born, she now splits her time between England and the Caribbean. Cheryl’s work can be found in EllipsisZine, New Flash Fiction Review, Mslexia, Urban Tree Festival, The Cabinet of Heed, Janus Literary, and National Flash Fiction Day and Flash Fiction Festival anthologies. Cheryl's proud to be walk•listen•create's flash fiction writer-in-residence for 2022/23. 

More about Cheryl:

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About Tony Horitz

Tony Horitz has lived in East Dorset for many years, after growing up in Surrey. He’s written poetry for many years, alongside a career in community theatre, educational drama and theatre in education, recently as a freelance director of State of Play Arts. He is Artistic Director of Wimborne Community Theatre, WCT, now celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Their productions are all initially devised by group members and staged site-specifically - outdoors or indoors – celebrating places of particular interest historically and environmentally. Tony’s a member of the Blandford based Poetry in Progress, PiP, a group of seven Dorset poets, convened by Paul Hyland, who meet regularly to share and critique new work. Two of Tony’s plays for young people were published by Samuel French Ltd and a collection of poems, Voyages, by Word and Action (Dorset) many moons ago.

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