Toby Litt


The Sky Room, MK Gallery

Saturday 21 September, 1.30pm: £5
Free tickets available for 16 - 25 year olds: click for details

Meet Elliott.

Elliott is something of a genius. He is hugely intelligent. He’s an incredible observer. He has a beautiful and unusual imagination. More than that, Elliott is an ideal friend. To know him is to adore him.

But few people do know Elliott, properly, because Elliott is also stuck. He lives in a wheelchair in an orphanage. It’s 1979. Elliott is forced to spend his days in an empty corridor, gazing wherever the Catholic Sisters who run the ward have decided to park him.

So when Jim, blind and mute but also headstrong, arrives on the ward and begins to defy the Sisters’ restrictive rules, Elliott finally sees a chance for escape. But how can Elliott, unable to move or speak clearly, communicate all this to Jim? How can he even get Jim to know he exists?

Toby Litt was born in 1968 and grew up in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. He has published novels, short story collections and, most recently, a memoir called Wrestliana  (Galley Beggar) about his great-great-great grandfather, William Litt – a champion wrestler, smuggler, exile and poet. When he is not writing, he likes to read, play guitar and do nothing.


Toby's new novel, Patience, is published by Galley Beggar. About Patience, Toby has written: "I feel differently about this book to others I’ve written. It seems, to me, the best thing I’ve done. Not just written, done. This is largely because I was visited by Elliott, a once-in-a-lifetime narrator who is nicer, wiser and generally better than I am. He is also a lot more patient – as he needs to be, given his circumstances."

Toby will be in conversation with Gary Budden of Influx Press.

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