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Sarah Coyle

Photo: Amy Cassidy

Pick A Story - Sarah Coyle
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Pick A Story:
A Dinosaur+Unicorn+Robot Adventure

with Sarah Coyle (Age group: 5 - 9)

Saturday 15 April, 1pm
Children's Library, C
entral Milton Keynes Library
555 Silbury Boulevard, MK9 3HL

Tickets: £5 per child plus £3 for an accompanying adult
(1 adult required per group)


Join author Sarah Coyle for a unique Pick A Story event where the audience decides what happens every step of the way! Do you want to fight the pirates? Bake with unicorns? Pick souvenirs for aliens on their holidays? The choice is all yours.


In this immersive adventure, we create magical soundscapes to bring different worlds to life. Audience members help save the day in whichever way they feel comfortable - by making choices in their own heads, or getting up to act out colourful characters. No matter what journey we take, somehow we always manage to find what we’re looking for; be it an all-important birthday cake, or a beloved dog called Trouble. Isn’t it about time you got to decide? 


Sarah also shares her own story of how she became an author and her top tips for creating your own stories. The event will be followed by a Q&A and book signing.

About Sarah Coyle

With a background in performing, Sarah Coyle is the author of The Biggest Story, illustrated by Dan Taylor, and Once You’re Asleep, illustrated by Carolina Rabei.


Pick a Story: a Pirate, Alien, Jungle Adventure was the first book in her interactive ‘pick your own adventure’ series for picture book readers. If Sarah had to pick a story to inhabit, it would be in a Live-Music/Forest/Peanut-Butter-on-Toast adventure, because all those things are great.


Sarah lives in Bath, likes running and drinks warm milk before bedtime like the old woman she hopes to one day become. She has always enjoyed make-believe, but reality’s a nice place to visit.

More about Sarah:  

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