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Online Events

Writing for Activism: Masterclass

Writing for Activism: a masterclass with Toby Litt 

24 August, Zoom, 7pm: £15 (places limited)

Many writers are drawn to social and political issues, becoming campaigners and activists not just alongside but through their writing.  Join us for a masterclass with a leading UK activist writer to explore how to marry art form with action to maximum effect.

Lodestone Poets

Lodestone Poets #8: Rishi Dastidar, Jessica Mookherjee, and Anna Saunders

Thursday 21 September, Zoom, 7.30pm: £Free/PayWhatYouCan 

Our friends at The Lodestone Poets return for a third time to Lit Fest, bringing another trio of the UK's brightest emerging poets as they explore ecology, the impact of touch, and the underbelly of eighties and nineties London. With supporting readings from the Lodestone founders, Sarala Estruch, Lesley Sharpe, and Dave Wakely.


Dreams into Fiction: Flash Fiction Workshop with Jude Higgins

Sunday 15 October, Zoom, 2 - 4pm: £20 (places limited)

In this workshop with Bath Flash Fiction Award supremo, Jude Higgins, we'll look at different ways you can create short fictions from dreams - either current or recurrent. You'll come away with three  drafts, ideas on how to make them finished stories, and suggestions on where to send for publication.

Dreams for Midwinter

Dreams for Midwinter - a gala of local poets and story-writers

Thursday 21 December, Zoom, 7pm: Free

Join us on Midwinter Solstice for a second special evening of new writing - both poetry and short fiction - as we explore the theme of A Dream for Midwinter. You'll hear a selection of readings from local poets and story-writers who've created new pieces especially for the occasion.  Submissions open until 24 November.

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