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Lizzie Waterworth
Lizzie Waterworth - How to Talk So People Will Listen
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How to Talk So People Will Listen (Age range: 8+)
(And Sound Confident Even When You’re Not)

with Lizzie Waterworth

Saturday 14 October, 3.30 - 4.30pm
Central Milton Keynes Library, Children's Library
555 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3HL

Tickets: £5 per child plus £3 for an accompanying adult
(1 adult required per group)

''We teach our children reading and writing but we forget listening and speaking, which are essential life skills. Lizzie brilliantly fills that gap [...]. Every child should have this!'
Julian Treasure, top-10 TED speaker and author of
How To Be Heard

‘Packed with smart tips to transform you from a bag of nerves into a confident speaker, this is a fun book for kids that many grown-ups will want to steal. And  having slept through more than my share of dull speeches, I can think of a few politicians who could do with reading it.’

Robert Hutton, Parliamentary Sketchwriter


We all have to speak in public sometimes, whether it’s answering a question in front of the class, addressing an audience, or even just meeting someone new, and it can be a bit scary! But it doesn’t need to be. BAFTA-nominated voice artist Lizzie Waterworth – the voice of Horrid Henry – has written a fun new book to help children feel confident about talking to people, and is bringing all her tips and tricks from How to Talk So People Will Listen to MK Lit Fest.


Lizzie's book has lots of hints from professional voice artists and public figures, including Stephen Fry and Ben Shires, along with takeaways from her own experiences. From how to combat nerves to the benefits of smiling and the power of eye contact, this interactive, entertaining event will encourage children to take control of their voices and boost their confidence in speaking out – while creating (and voicing) their own cartoon character along the way!

About Lizzie Waterworth

Lizzie had her first break into animation voiceovers aged 22, and has been voicing award-winning cartoons and video games ever since, including the lead role in Horrid Henry and characters in numerous successful kids’ shows like Bob the Builder and Mush-Mush and the Mushables. In 2019, she was nominated for a BAFTA for her role as Henry.

When she’s not in a recording studio, Lizzie is helping young people to build their speaking confidence, visiting schools and businesses to run workshops, speaking at events, and coaching one-to-one. She is currently working with Milton Keynes University Hospital, supporting their paediatric department by identifying ways to help children feel more confident during their visits. How to Talk So People Will Listen is her first book.

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