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Literary Magazines:
A Masterclass

with Brett Evans and Phil Robertson

Thursday 11 July, Zoom, 7pm
Tickets: £10/£7

If major publishers are the mighty rivers of fiction, literary magazines are their vitally important tributaries. Places where new writers - of short stories and of poems - can find their first platform, they are also places where more established voices can explore new approaches. Their range of published voices is often more diverse and inclusive than can be found in book publishing, and they act as the talent scouts of literature: the earliest flowerings of many major names can be found amongst their pages.

Their editors are also stalwarts, handling every aspect of their journals' continuing  existence, yet their role and workload is probably little understood by those submitting work to them - or by those summoning the courage to do so.

For this exclusive masterclass, we're joined by Brett Evans and Phil Robertson, poetry and prose editors respectively of Prole, to explain the work of literary magazine editors, offer advice to writers wanting to submit their work, and to answer your questions about writing and publishing.

About Prole
Prole publishes high quality, accessible poetry and prose that aims to challenge, engage and entertain - but never exclude, putting the reader first. Its ambition is to appeal to a wide audience and reconnect a broad readership with excellent examples of poetry and short prose.


Prole is edited by Brett Evans and Phil Robertson from North Wales and the North West of England. Published twice a year in June and December, it is available as a printed journal or downloadable PDF. The editors work actively with contributors and pay a small royalty for anything they publish. Now approaching its 35th issue after 14 years of publication. Prole also organises the periodic Prole Laureate poetry, Poetry Pamphlet and Prolitzer Prize for Prose competitions.

Along the way, the magazine has enabled the debuts of countless writers, and received recognition as Best Magazine in the Saboteur Awards.

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