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Jennifer Saint

Photo: Emily Goldie Photography

Jennifer Saint - Ariadne
Jennifer Saint - Elektra
Jennifer Saint - Atalanta
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Jennifer Saint


Saturday 15 April, 2.30pm

Event Space, Central Milton Keynes Library,

555 Silbury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3HL

Tickets: £8


'A vivid reimagining of Greek mythology' - Harpers Bazaar


Join the Sunday Times bestselling author of Ariadne and Elektra in conversation about her electrifying new novel, Atalantawith the historical novelist Imogen Robertson 

When a daughter is born to the King of Arcadia, she brings only  disappointment. Left exposed on a mountainside, the defenceless infant is left to the mercy of a passing mother bear and raised alongside her cubs under the protective eye of the goddess Artemis. Swearing that she will prove her worth alongside the famed heroes of Greece, Atalanta leaves her forest to join Jason's band of Argonauts. But can she carve out her own place in the legends in a world made for men?


Discover how Jennifer Saint brought the formidable heroine to vivid life in her sweeping re-imagining of Greek myth.


About Jennifer Saint
Thanks to a lifelong fascination with Ancient Greek mythology, Jennifer Saint read Classical Studies at King's College, London. Since September 2022, she has been a Visiting Research Fellow in the Classics Department there. In between, she spent thirteen years as an English teacher, sharing a love of literature and creative writing with her students.


Ariadne is her first novel, Elektra is her second, and Atalanta is her latest mesmerising mythological retelling.

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About Imogen Robertson

Imogen Robertson is the author of several historical novels, including the Crowther and Westerman series and The Paris Winter. Imogen also writes contemporary thrillers as Marina Palmer (The Russian Doll), and has co-written novels with former Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson, screenwriter Darby Kealey and the legendary Wilbur Smith.

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