MK Lit Fest 2019 in images

Kate Noakes at Ouse Muse
Caroline Davies at Ouse Muse
Steve Kendall at Ouse Muse
MC Stephen Hobbs at Ouse Muse
Paul Mason - Clear Bright Future
Jools Walker aka Lady Velo
Mary Jean Chan at MK Lit Fest
Luke Kennard at MK Lit Fest
Tracy Buchanan at MK Lit Fest
Preti Taneja (r) with Umi Sinha (l) at MK Lit Fest
Chris Ryan (r) with Rob Gifford (l) at MK Lit Fest
Carrie Gracie (r) with Prof Jo Brewis (l) at MK Lit Fest
Simon Garfield...
... and Ludo Gotobed the Labrador
Jane Charles (l) and Kassa St Clair (r)
Anrew Hodges (l) and Sir Dermot Turing (r)
Attila the Stockbroker
Our Artist in Residence, Suzanna Raymond, at work
In autumn in Milton Keynes, our trees grow more leaves...
Our glorious Comment Tree...
And your glorious commentary - thank you!

Photography by Samuel Dore

Caroline Davies at Ouse Muse