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Rhian Tracey
Rhian Tracey - I, Spy
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Secrets and Spies

with Rhian Tracey (Age group 8+) 

Saturday 15 April, 3pm
Children's Library, C
entral Milton Keynes Library
555 Silbury Boulevard, MK9 3HL

Tickets: £5 per child plus £3 for an accompanying adult
(1 adult required per group


'Rhian's wonderful descriptions of Bletchley Park made me feel I was there in one of the most famous settings in WWII Britain. Readers will be hooked till the end.' - Sufiya Ahmed, author of Rosie Raja: Churchill's Spy


Secrets and Spies  
Rhian will share her inside knowledge about what really went on at Bletchley Park
 during the war, and the inspiration behind her team of spies in her new book, I, Spy, inspired by true events. You will also get the chance to learn how to create a Codebreaking Character when you put your own spying skills to the test. 


About the book

A thrilling mystery adventure set in Bletchley Park at the start of World War II, based on true events. Twelve-year-old Robyn has grown up in Bletchley Park, where her father works as a driver. When she's not at school, there's nothing she likes more than helping her dad in the garages. Then the war begins and everything at Bletchley changes.


Robyn is assigned to help with the carrier pigeons that take messages to the Allies. But first, she must sign the Official Secrets Act and is ordered not to leave the grounds of the park. While Bletchley is buzzing with people recruited for the war effort and all eyes are on the skies, Robyn becomes convinced that there's something sinister going on within Bletchley Park itself. Together with her friends Mary and Ned, Robyn resolves to uncover the enemy in their midst...

About Rhian Tracey

Rhian Tracey was born in Swansea and grew up on the Welsh borders. She got her first publishing deal at 26. Rhian teaches several days a week in a SEN department, working with students who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADD and other additional learning needs.

She also volunteers with Medical Detection Dogs, helping to train puppies who will go on to be assistance dogs. Rhian lives in Northamptonshire with her children and dog.

More about Rhian:  

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