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Green Spaces in the City
Writing Workshop

with Melanie Hering

Thursday 22 Sept, 7 - 8.30pm: Zoom-based

£15 (places limited and advance booking required)

This workshop is aimed at anyone aged 16+: no previous writing experience is required or assumed. Just bring yourselves, your imaginations and something to write with.


Our focus will be on the green spaces within our cities that we love, memories of these green spaces and why we love them. Through some free writing, with prompts and guided exercises, we will be exploring our relationship with these green spaces - the lungs of our cities - and our appreciation, respect and responsibility towards them.


Participants will leave the workshop with one or more draft pieces of writing and/or exercises, frameworks and aspects of the writing process that they can explore further in their own time. At the end of the workshop, there will be a chance to share draft writings should participants wish to do so.


Melanie Hering is a London based drama and creative writing facilitator. She loves making art with people and hearing their stories. She likes building things collaboratively with curiosity, and is much more interested in the processes than outcomes. Central to her practice is the generation of frameworks that have the flexibility to be adapted to the individual needs and wishes of the people she works with.

Melanie is an associate artist at MK Gallery and Project Phakama. She also works for London Bubble Theatre, Immediate Theatre, and with various refugee aid charities, facilitating inclusive workshops for children, young people, and families as well as older members of the community. She has her own creative writing practice and runs a monthly donation based writing group: each month, the funds go towards a different project or charity. The group has recently created its first writing anthology.

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