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Fiction at Spring Festival 2024

Connecting Threads: Ghusoun Rahhal and Caroline Davies

Connecting Threads: New Writing with Ghusoun Rahhal and Caroline Davies

Thursday 4 April 2024, CMK Library, 6.30 - 7.30pm; £Free

Ghusoun Rahhal and Caroline Davies read their literary responses to a Milton Keynes Community Foundation-funded project that brought together members of the Westbury Fabric and Fibre Guild and of the Middle Eastern Cultural Group to share stories and stitching traditions from their diverse heritage.

Francis Spufford - Cahokia Jazz

Cahokia Jazz - Francis Spufford in conversation with Nell Frizzell
Friday 5 April 2024, Waterstones, 72 Midsummer Boulevard, CMK, 6.00 - 7.00pm; £10/£7

In a city that never was, in an America that never was, on a snowy night at the end of winter, two detectives find a body on the roof of a skyscraper… Multiple-award-winning Francis Spufford discusses his  lovingly created, richly pleasure-giving, epically scaled tale set in the golden age of wicked entertainments.

Tales from the City Awards Ceremony

Tales from the City: MinK2024 Writing Competition Awards with Roy Nevitt

Saturday 6 April 2024, CMK Library, 10.00am - 10.30am; £Free

We announce the winners of our Writing Competition - Tales from the City and launch the fourth issue of our MinK anthologies of the best local writing. Roy Nevitt, the 'cultural godfather' of Milton Keynes, will be on hand to award the prizes and introduce readings by the winning writers.

Thinking and Writing Short and Long Panel Event

Thinking and Writing Short and Long: Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Novellas and Novels

Saturday 6 April 2024, CMK Library, 11.00am - 12noon; £10/£7 Livestream: £PayWhatYouCan

The OU-sponsored discussion series on fictional forms culminates in an in-person panel event at MK Lit Fest Spring Festival 2024. Emma Claire Sweeney speaks with Edward Hogan, Catherine Menon, Irenosen Okojie and Naomi Wood – authors well known for their novels, novellas, flash fiction and short stories alike.

Why Don't You Love Me? - Paul Rainey

Why Don't You Love Me? - Paul Rainey in conversation with Caz Tricks

Saturday 6 April 2024, CMK Library, 12.30pm - 1.30pm; £10/£7

Paul Rainey’s graphic novels channel the challenges and chaos of life into an absorbing narrative filled with dark humour. Neil Gaiman called his acclaimed Why Don’t You Love Me?  ‘a masterwork’. Join Paul in conversation with Caz Tricks to find out what makes a graphic novel – and novelist - tick.

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