We're All In It Together:

poems for a disUNITED KINGDOM (Part 1)

Monday 18 July, 7.30pm, Zoom (online)

Free entry: booking required

 '"We want anger, passion and craft. We want poems that dazzle and provoke. What we don’t want is objectivity, balance and mediocrity." - Michael Stewart


We're All In It Together is an anthology of new poetry that explores the state of the nation. What does it mean, post-empire, post-Brexit, to be British? How is national identity complicated by notions of class, race, gender and individualism?

Compiled by a team based in the department of Creative Writing at the University of Huddersfield, many of the poems included in the anthology were selected from responses to an open call. Having outlined and summarised many of the calamities and divisions that have befallen the country, the call asked:


"What does it mean to be 'British' in this apocalyptic context? Is it possible for the KIngdom to become United? Is it even desirable? Or was that unity always a fiction - in Benedict Anderson's terms an 'imagined community'?  We're All In It Together is an anthology that looks to explore these issues and we're looking for you to contribute your poems or hybrid pieces."


Join us for the first of two evenings as the poets from the anthology read their work either in person or on video, and hear from anthology editor and Reader in Creative Writing, Dr Michael Stewart


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