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Carrie Gracie


BSL Signed Event: The Sky Room, MK Gallery

Saturday 21 September, 5.30pm: £10
Free tickets available for 16 - 25 year olds: click for details

"In thirty years at the BBC, I have never sought to make myself the story and never publicly criticised the organisation I love. I am not asking for more money. I believe I am very well paid already – especially as someone working for a publicly funded organisation. I simply want the BBC to abide by the law and value men and women equally."


Carrie Gracie was once best known for her China reporting, but in early 2018 she hit the headlines for another passion: equal pay for women. She publicly resigned her role as BBC China Editor over unequal pay at the BBC and her protest triggered a parliamentary inquiry. After a year long dispute, she won a BBC apology and gave away her back pay to fund legal advice for other victims of pay discrimination.


The messages of frustration and despair she received from women all over the UK drove Gracie to investigate the wider questions, and her book Equal is the result. It tells her own story and the story of every woman. It tells employers and men – as well as women – what they can do to change things for this generation and the next.


Carrie joins us to discuss Equal in conversation with Jo Brewis, Open University Professor of People and Organisations.

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