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Jac Shreeves-Lee


Writing a Neighbourhood

Wednesday 11 Jan, 7pm

Online: £Free (Donations welcome)

''Shreeves-Lee recognises the power of truthful storytelling. Not only does she unearth Broadwater Farm’s complex past with incredible literary range, she leaves us feeling hopeful that the community are in control of their future."

— David Lammy, MP for Tottenham

''No sensationalism to create a false dramatic effect, just real people going about their daily business, which gives the reader a great sense of true ‘life on the Farm’"
— Dawn Ferdinand, Headteacher at Broadwaters’ Children’s Centre


Traditionally, community suggests an area that has settled, changed and evolved over several centuries. The Broadwater Farm Estate, however, just arrived. It was built between 1967 and 1973, on an edge of land given over to parkland and allotments: neighbourhood and community in their best concepts, therefore, were always optimistic. Jac Shreeves-Lee used to play there as a child, and her stories are rooted in a geography and history she knows and a people who made her. 

Set in contemporary Tottenham, the stories in Broadwater [Fairlight Books, 2020] are - like the estate itself - places where characters meet, part, nudge, battle and blend as they try, together or alone, to make sense of their lives. They celebrate Tottenham’s diversity and heritage in a way that gives pride to locals. But the territory of Broadwater is also the universal terrain trod by all, regardless of demographic tags – the stories we tell one another and the stories we tell ourselves.


Biographical Note

Born and bred in Tottenham, Jac Shreeves-Lee currently works as a clinical psychologist and magistrate after a career that includes working as an English teacher, youth worker and theatre company Board member.


Her fiction has been widely published in various anthologies, including Virago, the Mechanics Institute Review and The Bridport Prize Anthology 2017. Jac’s stories and poems have been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2015 and 2016, and longlisted for the Fish Publishing Prize in 2018. Broadwater is her first published collection, and was shortlisted for the Diverse Book Awards in 2021. In addition to her qualifications in Educational and Clinical Psychology, Jac gained a distinction in her MA Creative Writing course from Birkbeck University.


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